My enquiries around body, space, expressions and interactions have now evolved into a Community Programme exploring the 'thinking body' of non dancers, benefits, dance forms, movement within different type of spaces.

An examination of various concepts of space (personal, sharing, waiting, digital)and how differences among them affect modern society is  part of my work today.

Using the science of "proxemics" is possible to read how the use of space can affect personal relations, emotions, cross-cultural exchanges, architecture, and urban renewal and ultimately people. Our bodies are part of those spaces, we are the intelligence of the spaces, the living part.  
Can you imagine a space without bodies?

In the near future, everyone will aim to be invisible for short amount of time, the real question is if we will have the space to hide.  I will keep searching for formats,  capable to generate transformative relationships between bodies and action-reaction spaces, that open the opportunity of different visions.

This includes collaborations with coders, cognitive psychologists and economist to measure and understand what happens to the body  in age and the neural "network" related to the procedural memory works for the body in the space.

Since 2000 I'm researching creative processes with  inter-disciplinary collaborations. I started at the Politecnico of Milan and  thebigspace, has been possible to experiment action-reaction and emotions in interactive spaces.