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Persephone, Short Community Dance film, May 2017 

10 min. performed by the Women Dance 10x4x2 to be released in June 2017. A story of separation between mother and daughter.

Dance is a right for everyone; the right to  have a positive relationship with your own body and body image, and to feel comfortable expressing and sharing stories and experiences through movement.

Women Dance 10x4x2 born in 2016, is a Community Dance Company that brings women over 40 together to use movement and dance to explore issues faced by women in mid-life, to challenge preconceptions about women over 40 in dance, and improve and maintain women's physical and mental well-being.

Women Dance 10x4x2 creates documentaries and art installations and runs discussion workshops based on the stories of women over 40. Through classes, workshops and interviews we transform women's life experiences and emotions into movement and enable them to use dance as a form of release.