Diana Eugeni Le Quesne

dance teacher over 40  & community artist

'In 2010, I moved to London from Milan, with my husband and 3 children. Since then I was back into my passion for dance.  
All my experiences from interactive spaces to body language are investigating different lightness formats which opens the door to fresh audiences such as the local community, it feels more contemporary. I'm using dance as a way to communicate among women and experiment the intelligence of the body in the different urban, natural and digital spaces.'

'An innovative and collaborative leader who brings energy, enthusiasm and ideas. A dancer and Horton technique practitioner, specialising in Community and social media arts, education and dance projects’.
Rachel Ellison, MBE Executive Leadership Coaching, London.

'Diana has a real passion for research and collaborative projects. She has been the inspiration behind a new research project which aims to investigate the impact of dance- based exercises on cognitive abilities, performance and well-being of a population of women aged 40 to retirement. The project, carried out by researchers at Middlesex University, sees the cooperation of behavioral economists, psychologists and dance professionals. Diana is in charge of designing the dance routines for the treatment group and her input is crucial for the success of the experiment.'

Dr. Michela Vecchi, Associate Professor of Economics, Middlesex University Business School, London.

'Diana's passion for her work and creative energy and output is second to none. Diana developed innovative creative strategies for our largest clients and executed them without flaw, always on time and always on budget. Diana has the unique ability to excel in any medium or discipline from digital and film to architecture and choreography. Her passion for design and creativity and her keen ability to execute beyond expectation fueled our agency's growth.’

Dick Lockard, thebigspace.com, New York.


Professional achievements

2015-2017 Developing a Dance Community Project with local women over 40: Women Dance in North London;

2011- 2017 Brand Development and Marketing strategy of BoldBodies and Aeroballet, a small business that use dance conditioning to help women to stay health and fit;

2013 Organised a teaching method: Aeroballet© for women aged over 40 to keep the body fit and the mind active, tested in several workshops in North London;


2009 Fused interactive design, dance, multimedia and fashion for several clients such us: Prada, Costume National, Guru in international events.

Combined design, dynamic movement and the digital environment to experiment with relational aesthetics in USA, France, South America, Italy

Developed immersive, multimedia, multidisciplinary installations: included collaborations with dancers, musicians, video artists and coders, at Ta Matete living art gallery, Roma, Italy.

Taught at the University of Milan and ran my own studio.

MA in Design Management, Milano, Italy.

Architecture Degree, Pescara, Italy.

Advanced dance studies at Bottega del Piccolo Teatro, Florence, Italy.

Clients include

Isia, Politecnico di Milano, Art’è

Art and Fashion
Art’è Group, Franco Maria Ricci, Gloria Maria Gallery, Vogue.it, Ariella Vidach, Condè Nast, Mondadori, grazia.fr, Wonderbra, Guru,Prada Parfum, Levi Strauss & Co, Closed, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein , Pennyblack, Pinko, C’N’C Costume National, Mila Schon,  Giampaolo Sgura, Carlo Draisci, Alex De Benedetti, Dirk Lindner, Astrid Salomon, Roberto Aguilar,Sinisha, Karolina Barlund , Claire Harrison, Destrage, Paul Hills, Hann-Shi-Lem